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Claris Energy, LLC
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Energy Efficiency Solutions

The least expensive form of energy is energy efficiency.

Energy Audits for Commercial Buildings

Energy efficiency is recognized as an important cost-containment tool for businesses and as an important policy tool for government to help manage the country's growing need for energy resources.

Claris Energy Services provides comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for building owners that begins with an energy audit designed to both assess current requirements and deliver a customized energy management plan to support future energy investment decisions.

We focus on systems and technologies that create high-impact energy efficiencies for facilities including highly-efficient HVAC systems, automated building controls, heat recovery systems, energy efficient lighting and advanced lighting controls as well as measures to improve the efficiency of the building envelope measures (windows, doors, rooftops, and insulation). Our independence allows us to objectively assess the most appropriate energy efficiency measures for your facility.

Commercial Building Energy Auditing

We partner with leading manufacturers and design-build firms to provide best-in-class solutions and the resources to manage all aspects of the energy efficiency development process including project design, engineering, permitting, financing, and construction.

We also help building owners navigate the variety of federal, state and utility incentives available for energy efficient building design and construction projects. Through our affiliate Claris Energy Finance, LLC, we will help you secure important and valuable tax incentives that are available for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Program (also known as the EPAct, Section 179D tax incentive).